Lenty – hydrophilic urinary catheter

Qwicky-Cath je nov urinski kateter z gelom za enkratno uporabo. Zaradi svoje edinstvene zasnove odpravlja potrebo po uporabi gela, saj je že premazan z njim in pripravljen za uporabo.



When it comes to simple, safe and easy catheterization together with choosing your catheter options, Lenty will meet your criteria in every way. It is supportively designed to give its users sense of freedom. We believe that catheterization has to be simple and fast because all one needs to do is add some water and wait 30 seconds…and it’s ready. Simple as that.

LentyTM Intermittent Catheter is designed to make catheter insertion and removal smooth and easy for the user. The product introduces smooth, polished eyelets and a soft shaped tip for a more comfortable insertion. Hydrophilic coating minimizes friction and leave gentle touch on urethra.
The clear medical grade PVC material helps to eliminate any concerns of latex allergies.

Key features

  • Flexible and transparent funnel providing full urine visibility
  • No-touch handling strip protects catheter from any touch and contamination
  • Tube made of PVC – medical grade, free from the aggressive softening agent phthalates
  • Closed tip and smooth polished eyelets increase comfort and safety
  • Finger grip for ease of use
  • Individually packaged in easy to open peel-strip package
  • Colour – coded funnels for easy size identification
  • Free from latex