LentisCath Plus – hydrophilic urinary catheter with water sachet

The LentisCath PlusTM hydrophilic coated catheter has added features that provides our users extra control and removes the need to touch the catheter tube, ensuring safe and hygienic catheterization. No mess, no stress.


Most people find hydrophilic intermittent catheters best suit their needs. Those catheters are pre-lubricated and our LentisCath PlusTM catheter comes with sterile water to provide manual activation of hydrophilic coating. Easy to handle and quick in applying – resulting with smooth cath experience.

Key features:

  • In-pack sterile water sachet to activate the hydrophilic coating
  • Discreetly packaged and foldable and easy to carry in your pocket
  • Adhesive tab for vertical placement during hand washing and preparation
  • No-touch handling strip protects the catheter from any touch and contamination
  • Coated smooth polished eyelets prevent irritation during insertion
  • Tube made of PVC – medical grade, free from the aggressive softening agent phthalates
  • Ready to use within 25 sec.
  • Free from latex