One-piece systems consist of an integrated base plate and a drainable ostomy bag.

Safe, comfortable and discreet use is secured through three „Lentell touches“: easeTouch hydrocolloid base plate, silentTouch fabric and relieveTouch integrated bag filter.

The base plate and the bag are changed together.

IleoTouch is available with different reliable drainage systems: Velcro, clamp and flexible closure integrated in the bag.

The base plate and the bag are changed together.

CHIF code : 091804090304
Name and color Catalog number Bag size (cm) Plate size (cm) Max. Cut size (mm) Quantity
LENTELL IleoTouch S beige 201107 15x28 Φ=10,5 60 20
LENTELL IleoTouch S transparent 201107-1 15x28 Φ=10,5 60 20
LENTELL IleoTouch L beige 201108 15x29 Φ=12 70 20
LENTELL IleoTouch L transparent 201108-1 15x29 Φ=12 70 20

Key features:

  • Base plate is made of very soft hydrocolloid;
  • Base plate is gentle, comfortable for the skin, and very adhesive;
  • Drainage enables removing the content several times a day if needed;
  • Comfortable bag fabric is odourless and does not make noises;
  • Bag filter enables a fast air flow, reduces possible odours and ballooning;
  • Comes with “stickers” which cover and protect the filter during showering/bathing;
  • Different bag sizes and colours available to adapt to specific needs.



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