Stoma blockage

Sometimes the so-called stoma blockage can occur in the post-operative period. A blockage means that food particles cannot come out of your stoma, which can be caused by fiber-rich foods, insufficiently chewed bites or scar tissue inside the intestine. However, insufficiently digested food is the main cause of stoma blockage.

Which stoma is at risk of blockage?

Blockages are possible both with ileostomy and colostomy, however, they are less likely in the case of colostomy. Stoma blockages can be partial or complete. In the case of complete blockages, nothing comes out of the stoma, while in the case of a partial one, a smaller amount of liquid content may come out of the stoma,.

How to prevent stoma blockage?

In order to minimise the risk of blockage, it is especially important that in the first weeks after the procedure you avoid food rich in fiber and generally eat slowly and chew every bite. In addition, follow the instructions regarding nutrition you received from your enterostomal therapist or doctor.


What to do in case of blockage?

If a blockade occurs, it is safest to contact a doctor immediately to determine the cause of the blockage and prevent possible health complications.

In addition, if you suspect that your stoma has been blocked because of food:

  • Stop consuming solid food;

  • Consume liquids such as juice, warm soup or tea;

  • Gently massage the stomach area around the stoma;

  • Try to lie down with knees drawn to the chest;

  • Bathe in a warm bath for 15-20 minutes;

  • If necessary, place a new base plate with a larger diameter.

However, if your stoma does not release content for several hours and you have symptoms such as painful cramps, vomiting, nausea and a swollen abdomen, you should immediately contact your doctor and stop eating and drinking.



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