Life with its unpredictability is the greatest of all challenges. If we want to live it, we have no other option but to embrace it fully, with all the good and the bad, along with the things we don't understand.

Health issues, which often strike when we least expect it, change us deeply both physically and mentally. Among the first questions that arise then are “Who am I now?“ and “What will my life look like?“

Although some diagnoses bring objective physical limitations, many of them can still be influenced by the power of our will and the attitude of a winner.

Why “Embrace life”?

This is a call to live your life to the fullest. These two little words contain great strength and the ultimate choice of every person: to be a spectator of your own life or to accept challenges and become the hero of your story.

This is the aim that we set for ourselves, however, we do not wish to stop here – with our way of life and doing business, we hope to encourage others to do so as well.


This is why we try hard to come up with solutions that cover all aspects of our users’ challenges. We do not only provide them with a good product, but also with constant motivation and support in everything they need in this moment, as well as in their future endeavours.

For us, a hero is a person who has chosen their way regardless of circumstances not being in their favour. Progress is sometimes achieved frustratingly slow, and sometimes surprisingly fast. However, this only makes them stronger and gives them a token of courage for the next goal, which is higher, harder and more challenging. 

They are the hero in the story of their life. Not because how high their aim is, but because how large the obstacle is. They are the hero of our story as well. We want to share our heroes’ achievements with everyone because they are an inspiration to us and all the others who are only at the beginning of that road. They the proof that success is not only possible, it is realistic. All we need to do is embrace life!



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