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We are all, more or less, preoccupied with our intimate lives.

Intimacy issues

We are all, more or less, preoccupied with our intimate lives. Regardless of our condition, this aspect of our living has a great impact on our general satisfaction or dissatisfaction with our lives.

In various stages of life, as well as when we suffer from medical problems like the ones that are our primary focus, the dynamics of our intimate lives changes. We are well aware of a strong influence our intimate lives have on our psycho-physical well-being, hence we are seriously considering and focusing our activities on issues related to it.

We have a tendency to neglect our intimate lives, put them on hold, as though they are not something we can enjoy any more. Unfortunately, quite often people who are close to us support this decision although they do not understand and are not thoroughly informed about our medical condition. The way we perceive our bodies is one of the most important factors in the way we relate to ourselves. The same goes for the way other people perceive us. Physical appearance is closely connected to the way most of the people understand human attractiveness.

In such circumstances, it is not easy to revive intimate lives overnight and to continue where we stopped.

That is why, if you are wondering whether you are the only one tackling questions of intimacy or if you would like to learn practical and useful information that could revive your intimate life, we would like to go through some questions together with you…