Nino Batagelj — a versatile young man overcoming all obstacles

The story of Nino is one that we will often remember when we come across the usual obstacles of life. It will probably encourage many of us to think, seek solutions and take action to improve our life circumstances. Because the story of this exceptional young man, is everything but ordinary.

“I am twenty-seven years old, studying media production at the Institute and Academy of Multimedia. I am a great sports enthusiast — I train fitness and swimming, participate in international tournaments, and I occasionally ski. For years, I have been participating in the organisation of Red Bull’s competitions and drove bobsleigh. Another thing that’s very important to me is the global race Wings For Life World Run, which raises funds to search for a cure for spinal injury. I act as their ambassador.”

“I like to actively engage in the society in any way I can. One of my favorite initiatives is the one in which I participate with the Ljubljana Association of Paraplegics. It is an educational programme in schools that we visit in order to raise awareness among children and young people on the subject of disability. The program is designed to remove the stigma around disability, which is often associated with various forms of incapacity. Here we can help the most with our active living, setting an example that with a positive attitude and a strong will, it is possible to achieve a fulfilled life.

Another important task of this educational mission is to make young people aware that a spinal injury can happen to anyone of us. In doing so, we hope to focus their attention on an increased caution in sports, leisure activities and driving, as these are the situations in which spinal injuries occur most often.”

The number of activities and successes in Nino's life are praise-worthy, and, although this is a natural thing for him, many would be surprised by the realisation that Nino has been a tetraplegic for several years, after the spinal injury he suffered in an accident.

We can say that, despite knowing a large number of people who are nowhere near his state, Nino exudes a special cheerfulness, spontaneity and a positive spirit, which immediately sets him out as an exceptional young man with a bright future. He has the strength to positively influence the people around him.

Nino Batagelj has a lot of plans ahead. We are grateful to him for his lightness and intelligent humor, and we are glad that we have gained the trust of such an inspiring young man with whom we always find out interesting things about active living and the power of will.



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