Ivica Vujica, Zagreb

Ivica Vujica, Zagreb

The first story we will share with you is a story of Mr. Ivica Vujica.

Mr. Vujica is a prominent member of our community. He has earned his reputation thanks to his accomplishments in sports he engaged in after he suffered a serious injury during the Croatian War for Independence. He has been an active athlete for 20 years, doing various sports, but mostly playing basketball. He is also the president of the Croatian Association of Basketball Teams for the Disabled.

Apart from that, he is the manager and the coach of the Basketball Club for the Disabled – Zagreb – and an active member of the Croatian Association of the War Veterans devoted to raising awareness about the status of the war veterans in Croatia, as well as to improving their quality of living. The main task of the Association is to secure various modes of support and help to its members (e.g. organizing individual medical treatments).

At the Association and the Club, Mr. Vujica is in charge of organizational activities necessary for a smooth operation of the respective organizations. This includes administration, financial planning, organization of tournaments and games as well as transportation. Members of the Club and athletes he coaches are people fully aware of his contribution.

It is also worth mentioning that everything Mr. Vujica does is on a voluntary basis since, as he says “…satisfaction of the members of the Club are my biggest reward.”

Mr. Vujica’s dedication is an example of boundless goodwill and positivity. Thanks to his dedication, for almost 20 years the Club has been a place where Mr. Ivica and other members could share their interests, build friendships and socialize.

Such positive stories about overcoming obstacles are a source of inspiration. We firmly believe that these accounts of individual determination and strength are also important examples that leave a positive trace on our society in general.

As we are eager to hear more of these positive stories, we support clubs members of the Association with our donations. We also nurture a close personal relationship with Mr. Vujica. We are glad that as a primary user of our medical aids, he has recognized values we stand for.

Moreover, the fact that our dedicated and caring employees have an individual approach to our clients and are focused on building trustful and lasting friendships with them is something we are proud of. We are grateful that our clients are willing to let us in their lives, as in the case of Mr. Vujica. We are also grateful for his friendship and we wish him all the best in sports and in life in general.

Since the wellbeing of primary users of our medical aids is at the core of all our activities, we are doing our best to be there for you at all times. This is why we provide financial donations to disability sports organizations and clubs so that they would be in the position to secure better working and training conditions.

We would like to invite all of you willing to share your experiences with all of us and help other people to cope with similar medical issues, to write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or contact us here or on our Facebook page. We believe that this could help us build a community of interaction and support.