Dean Kušeković, Zagreb

Dean Kušeković, Zagreb

We are continuing with accounts of people with spinal-cord injuries. There is a common value they share. It is possible that while reading the first two stories you have become aware of a thread that binds them together. Regardless of circumstances in which our users suffered their spinal injuries and the resulting individual medical conditions, their determination to overcome any obstacle they face and their perseverance in finding solutions to improve quality of their living and helping themselves and others in similar situations is what they have in common.

Although every life story is different and we all live in different circumstances, the idea of our wellbeing, self-esteem and love of life is what motivates all of us to continue with our efforts to improve our own lives, as well as the world we live in.

We hope that many of you will find the story of our primary user, Mr. Dean Kusekovic, interesting and that it will serve as yet another proof of the power of positivity when life changes in unexpected ways.

To begin with, we should mention that Dean is a really nice person to talk to. Although he has just hit middle-age, an impressive combination of wisdom and serenity is what strikes the most about him and what gives us hope. On the other hand, his good nature, openness and his wide knowledge of various interesting subjects, as well as his broad experience, reveal that he is a really advanced and open-minded soul. We believe that these virtues are the driving force that helps him search and find solutions for the paraplegia he suffers from.

Before he suffered his injury, Dean spent his youth as a military officer fighting in the Croatian War for Independence, he was also an active athlete, then a professional driver and later, thanks to his education and dedication, he worked for a famous company on a managerial position. At the peak of his success, he had a harmonious marriage, he enjoyed life and also was riding a motor-bike. During one usual, calm motor-bike ride, on the way home from work, he had an accident. After that moment, as Dean says, his other life started.

The moral of this and many other stories is that although our lives differ from stage to stage, we will continue experiencing the fullness of living as long as we are conscious and determined to get the best out of the circumstances we find ourselves in.

After suffering the injury, Dean remained in sports – as an active athlete at Agram – an athletic club for disabled people and is always open for a game or two of table-tennis. He is also a dedicated fan of one Croatian football club. He is loved by a broad community, and his fellow citizens love his optimism and feel comfortable with him. Every day he enjoys coffee and chatting at his “Cheers bar,” and has many friends and a harmonious marriage.

Apart from being dedicated to improving his living conditions after suffering the injury, he has also been an active member of an association providing assistance and support to disabled people. He selflessly dedicates his energy and time to those in need, especially to those who have just suffered injuries.

He remembers vividly his first months after his accident and the lack of information relating to his medical condition. Dean firmly believes that people with fresh spinal injuries should have an opportunity to access as much information as possible. This is why his activities are focused on exchanging information with other people. He also believes that education, acceptance of the new situation and accessibility to reliable facts could significantly improve the current situation. We utterly agree with him since the quality of living matters. Hence, we should not wait for a brighter future.

After receiving and accepting the diagnosis, the daily routine changes and people suffering from such medical conditions need all information and support relating to medical aids, procedures of their supply, administrative advice as well as patients’ rights.

Thanks to his personal experience, Dean is determined to contribute to the community of disabled people with advice and donations of medical aids. We believe that, based on his extensive research of scientific studies and findings relating to spinal-cord injuries and his broad knowledge, he is the person to turn to when facing such medical conditions. Not only is his advice reliable and informative, but it also has medicinal properties.

Since Dean is a dedicated follower of medical aids and their increasing quality (in this case our new hydrophilic catheters), his determination to improve the quality of living has brought him to us. We are really honoured that we were given a chance to meet and to support such a role model. This way we would like to thank Dean for the inspiration, motivation and a chance to learn from him about spinal-cord injuries and other people with similar stories. Such a collaboration enables us to become even better, as people and as professionals, and to share these supportive findings with all of you.

Since the wellbeing of primary users of our medical aids is at the core of all our activities, we are doing our best to be there for you at all times. This is why we provide financial donations to disability sports organizations and clubs so that they would be in the position to secure better working and training conditions.

We would like to invite all of you willing to share your experiences with all of us and help other people to cope with similar medical issues, to write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or contact us here or on our Facebook page. We believe that this could help us build a community of interaction and support.