Lentismed at Medica 2019

Lentismed at the world's most significant medical fair - MEDICA 2019   Every appearance at medical fairs and congresses is a valuable experience, so every year we are always particularly pleased to participate in Medica, the most significant medical fair in the world. For professionals and professionals in the medical device world, this platfo...
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Lentismed on EAU19 congress in Barcelona

We are continuing a successful sequence of performances at medical fairs and congresses and after the fairs of Rehacare and MEDICA 2018 we participate and exhibit at the EUA19, the most significant professional and scientific event of the European Association of Urology, which gathers 15,000 doctors, urologist specialists each year. In addition to ...
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Women and urinary infections

Many of us believe that the rate of urinary infections is higher in summer than in winter. This article is intended as a reminder of the importance of a regular intermittent catheterization. And if you already suffer from an infection, it will help you alleviate the symptoms. A urinary infection means that bacteria somehow found its way to the blad...
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The role of robotic neurorehabilitation in treating spinal-cord injuries

A number of hospitals have incorporated service robots and robotized systems into rehabilitation schedules of many patients. So far, such a practice proves that rehabilitation and recovery of patients with integrated service robots and robotized systems do not last as long as conventional rehabilitation. The robotics technologies also assist the di...
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The right active wheelchair for me

Primary users of wheelchairs completely rely on them where mobility is concerned. Their independent living is directly tied to them. This is why the adaptability of wheelchairs to individual needs of their users is of the utmost importance. Many wheelchairs designed for external use are not suitable for the inside. This is so due to a number of rea...
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