Here in Lentismed we are aware that our employees are the key figures securing competitive advantage for our business endeavours. They are also the bearers of our growing success. In order to further improve our performance in every segment, and especially where our products and services are concerned, we are constantly searching for “the right people” to join our team. Since recognition is the best motivational tool, we provide excellent career opportunities as well as a system of rewarding employees for their contribution. Also, we have done everything possible to make Lentismed a desirable work environment offering possibilities for personal and professional development of our employees.

We believe that an opportunity to help people improve their lives in the best possible ways is our biggest value. By selflessly sharing our experiences and expertise based on an ongoing education and specialization we live our mission summarized in a simple motto: “Improve life!”

If you see yourself as a part of that mission, we would be glad if you contacted us.