Our business philosophy is simple. It is built on our desire to “improve life” through developing medical aids and services as a response to challenges our clients face. We believe that there is a solution to every problem, even to the most complex ones or at least it is possible to relieve the symptoms or consequences. This is what we do – look for and develop such solutions – simple, practical and meaningful solutions that can improve the quality of living. This is our guiding principle and thanks to our dedication to it, we have built a reputation for excellence. The same guiding principle also defines the way we relate to our employees, clients and business partners and represents a starting point for all our future business activities.

Our success is based on active listening, identification of needs and activities aimed at improving the quality of living in a way that makes life easier for people with personal and intimate medical issues.

We are dedicated to a continuous improvement of the set standards in collaboration with our primary users, health professionals and business partners. All our activities rely on the following five values:


Primary users

The main focus of all our activities is to improve quality of living of our users


We are dedicated to a continuous improvement of the quality of services and products we offer, as well as all other segments of our business


We actively listen, learn, innovate and educate ourselves


All our business activities are based on the highest ethical and moral standards

Social responsibility

Our business activities are structured in a way that positions us as a desirable employer, social partner and an environmentally friendly company

Since we firmly believe that there is always a better solution, your smile when we accomplish the unexpected gives purpose to what we do.

Your trust is what we cherish the most and that is why we are always eager to build it through an open communication. This is why our team will gladly respond to all your questions and uncertainties at all times.