ISO 9001 provides a model for our quality management system which promotes adapting a process approach, emphasising requirements, added value, process functioning, efficiency and constant improvements.

ISO 13485 is a norm for quality management systems in the medical devices industry. It determines our demands for a quality system in which we prove our ability to deliver medical devices on the one side, and the ability to consistently fulfil related users’ demands, as well as the corresponding laws and regulations.

ISO 50001 ensures that our organisation has a healthy energy management system aimed at reducing energy costs and our influence on the environment.

ISO 14001 provides a framework improving our environmental activities in accordance with our environment protection policy.

LENTISMED d.o.o. assumes the responsibility of providing services and products while abiding by internal, national, and international norms and regulations related to quality, environment protection and energy efficiency. You can read more about it in our Management system policy.

We are constantly trying to surpass our users’ expectations while investing in the quality of our products, their reliability and safety. We are dedicated to a continuous maintenance and improvement of our management system. We are in compliance with all legal and other requirements which we can apply and provide excellence to our users through products, processes, services and relationships.

This dedication is deeply instilled in our business values and is the foundation for our successful growth. Quality is of vital importance for everything we do, and in this respect, we leave no room for compromise.





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