The catheterization is a procedure of draining the bladder through a tube (catheter) inserted in the patient’s bladder. The clean intermittent catheterization is the gold standard for draining the bladder of patients with neurogenic bladder dysfunctions.

Parent's Corner

It is normal that we are concerned with the future of our kids and the way the spinal cord injury or spina bifida will influence their development throughout their lives – from puberty to possible parenthood.

Intimate Corner

In various stages of life, as well as when we suffer from medical problems like the ones that are our primary focus, the dynamics of our intimate lives changes. We are well aware of a strong influence our intimate lives have on our psycho-physical well-being…

Spinal Cord Injury

A spinal cord injury is an injury of any part of the spinal cord. When it happens, the brain cannot communicate with any part of the body located below the level of the lesion. The higher the injury on the spine, the bigger the number of parts of the body that are dysfunctional.

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LentisCath - hydrophilic ready-to-use catheter

This health gadget is your partner in active daily life. It helps you overcome various challenges when it comes to speedy, safe and comfortable catheterization or discretion and ease of use.


LentisCath Plus - hydrophilic + water

LentisCath PlusTM catheter comes with sterile water to provide manual activation of hydrophilic coating. Easy to handle and quick in applying – resulting with smooth cath experience. All-ready cath solution get extra control.


CompactCath - ready-to-use catheter with gel

CompactCathTM pre-lubricated Intermittent Catheter helps enhance user convenience and comfort upon insertion and removal. Its application mechanism provides even distribution of lubricant over the catheter.


Lenty - hydrophilic easy-to-use catheter

When it comes to simple, safe and easy catheterization together with choosing your catheter options, Lenty will meet your criteria in every way. It is supportively designed to give its users sense of freedom.


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